PREP & DETOX Program 

Patients and clients are strongly encouraged to engage in online informational seminars on their own or in collaboration with a health coach in order to build a strong foundation for healing.  Without this foundation a person can run into continual problems with their health or feel like they are going in circles despite lots of tests, medical monitoring and appointments.   Our advanced health coaches (i.e. lifestyle and functional nutritionists) are key in making the everyday changes that are going to put you on a better path to health and wellness.


The PREP & DETOX program takes clients through the necessary steps to clean up our body systems at the most basic level.   It delivers information that is immediately applicable to help you make better everyday choices.  It is essential for anyone wanting to make long term changes in their health status or redirect their current health trajectory.  It lays a good foundation for moving into a focus on digestion, assimilation, and the absorption of key nutrients.

Main Features:

  • Foods to eliminate for a time and why
  • Foods that help our bodies detox everyday substances
  • Why detoxing through diet is important
  • Different types of everyday toxins
  • Why toxins may be building up in our body
  • How to complete a short elimination diet, if necessary

Who can benefit:

  • Anyone diagnosed with a chronic or progressive health condition
  • Those with pre-diagnosis states such as metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes
  • Anyone wanting better sleep, more energy, focus or less pain
  • Those wanting to optimize their health
  • It is recommended that anyone accessing Healthmagus services or resources go through the PREP & DETOX program  to jump-start their journey

For more detailed information or questions about the program, please contact a health coordinator at our main number.  Our health coordinators can assist you in finding a coach nutritionist if necessary.

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