The NUTRIENTS & DIGESTION program is the second of the two foundational programs for healing.  It is meant to be preceded by the PREP & DETOX program.

Historically in holistic health curricula and classical naturopathy, and now in functional medicine and nutrition, the digestive system was a main focus for health and healing.  This is for good reason as it is the first line of defense to prevent unwanted pathogens from entering the body.  It’s functioning is also critical for the absorption of nutrients to support every other body system.  In this context you can see that a healthy digestive system is essential for optimal health and healing.


NUTRIENTS and DIGESTION  will take you through a quick course on the primary and secondary organs of digestion, what they do and why they are important.  From there we explore some potential issues that can arise within the digestive system that may compromise it’s functioning.  Lastly, we will cover various macro and micro nutrients, and how they are absorbed in the digestive system to our benefit.

Main Features:

  • The anatomy of digestion
  • How nutrients absorb in our digestive tract
  • Why it is important to consider the absorption of nutrients in our diet
  • Digestive issues that may go undiagnosed and compromise our health
  • Examples of macro and micro nutrients and why they are important

Who can benefit:

  • Anyone diagnosed with a chronic or progressive health condition
  • Those with pre-diagnosis states such as metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes
  • Anyone wanting better sleep, more energy, focus or less pain
  • Those wanting to optimize their health
  • It is recommended that anyone accessing Healthmagus services or resources go through the NUTRIENTS AND DIGESTION program  to jump-start their journey.

For more detailed information or questions about the program, please contact a health coordinator at our main number.  Our health coordinators can assist you in finding a coach nutritionist if necessary.


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