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All programs are integrated with access to laboratory services, experts in functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle, automatic uploading and visualization of data from personal medical devices, custom reports & group networking, and resources specific to your biggest health concerns and overall health goals.

Core Health Enhancing Programs

Custom Health Enhancing Programs


Anyone just getting started with a health coach or practitioner is encouraged to review the PREP & DETOX program independently or with their health coach and ask questions. This is a cornerstone of health and healing and provides the first part of a foundation on which to build better health.

NUTRIENTS & DIGESTION provides some other key pieces to a foundation for health and wellness as many holistic and integrative practitioners view the digestion system as key to the optimal functioning of other body systems.  Our immune system operates 70-80% from within our digestion system so the health of the digestion system is key to defending the body from unwanted pathogens, not only through the digestive process itself, but through our innate and adaptive immune systems as well.  The ability of our body to absorb and utilize nutrients essential for health and wellness further affects all body systems.


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*ALL programs are based on a bio-individualized, functional approach to health and wellness, therefore they are personalized to your needs & interests.
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